Business People and SME Research

We recently commissioned the Snowfox Research and Insight Agency to carry out a project on SME's.

This project was borne out of a realisation that the existing information about business people and SME's was very limited. It was important for us to investigate this audience and get some genuine insights and knowledge which we could share with our advertisers and media agencies.  We wanted to understand this market and how best to engage with the different audiences that our readership reaches.

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New Personal Finance Study

As the 5th March 2014 marked the fifth anniversary of the imposition of the historic interest rate low by the Bank of England, we thought it time to review how our audience, "middle England" currently feels about the wider economy, their own personal financial prospects and prevailing behaviours and attitudes for the upcoming 12 months.

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Great Garden Giveaway worth over £300

Starting with this Saturday's Daily Mail and continuing all next week, readers have the chance to complete their entire garden with over £300 worth of plants, fruit, veg and more.

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Multiple awards for Mail titles

Awards and highly commended prizes for Mail titles and journalists at the 2013 Press Awards

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